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The intial reviews of the new Batman vs. Superman movie are mixed, but there are some really bad reviews. I have to say, I don’t really care if the movie has some holes in it. I really just want to see Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman do cool stuff, and to see the cameos of the other Justice League members. It’s crazy – what the hell do people want from a movie about Batman and Superman? Yes, it’s going to have lots of destruction and whatnot. I even hear that in this movie Batman does a little detective work, which has been sorely lacking in all the previous Batman movies. So cool.

ddSo I’m in favor of the blow-em-up spectacle.  But still, Daredevil really rules. I watched another episode of DD Season 2 last night. It is sooooo freaking good. It almost makes me depressed to think that this DD show will not go on forever. I mean FOREVER. The idea that maybe, if we are lucky, we’ll get 3 or 4 seasons, just kills me. There was this shot in last night’s episode with DD perched up on a rafter over some yakuza guy’s head. It was straight out of the comic. It was 100% perfect. AND THEN DD did a backwards swan dive flip off the rafter, came down behind the dude, and beat his ass. Raise that to 200% perfect. No. ONE MILLION PERCENT PERFECT. I was twittering with mad glee, my mind vibrating on a whole new level of existence. So good. So good.

As much as I will enjoy watching B v S, this one understated scene from Daredevil will be so much better. Thank you thank you thank you Netflix and genius minds you hired to make this.

But it goes beyond the action. The show delves into the mortality of Matt Murdock, juxtaposing it against the brutal morality of the Punisher and the amorality of Elektra.

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