More of the same…

As the pandemic isolation and working from home continues, the days and weeks are blending together. It seems like only yesterday we started this, yet simultaneously it feels like forever. Like one long day. Looks like I’ve likely got another month of telecommuting, which is fine with me. No desire to go be around the public right now. Maybe never much of desire again, actually, unless they really find a vaccine to this virus.

I see a lot of people online saying the death rate “isn’t really that high.” They seem oblivious to the fact that where this thing gets bad the hospital fill up, the medical staff gets sick, and right there you have real problem regardless how many Covid-19 patients die. And a lot will die. But do you really want to go to the ER with stroke, or heart attack, or need cancer treatment, or whatever, only to find the hospital totally full of people that there is no place for you? Or your loved one? Or your neighbor?

So yeah, this is the rant I refrain from posting on social media 20 times per day. Instead, I block the stupids and move on.

I haven’t gotten out to skate the last couple of nights. Will try again tonight. The weather is fantastic today, but of course I’ll be working until 6pm. Probably just as well. I’m an evening skater anyway.

2 thoughts on “More of the same…

  1. Paul

    I’m a gonna try and get out this evening too. Got a nice flat place with a little bank. will facetime you if I do. Cybershred!

  2. Chris Sedition

    Oh, that “death rate” rate argument.

    On March 8th, 1965 the first U.S. Marines land in Danang, marking the start of U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. The last U.S. combat troops left South Vietnam on March 23, 1973. During those eight years 58, 200 U.S. soldiers died. People protested. They wanted the death to stop.

    As of today, over 48,000 people have died in the last THREE MONTHS due to Corona. That number will go higher. People are again protesting (in the streets, and on-line). This time it isn’t about death. It’s because they can’t get a manicure, or go to the skate park.


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