Monterrey, Mexico

Just got back from vacation in Monterrey, Mexico. Monterrey is a great city. Lots of interesting things to do, history, food, art, and people.

The city is preparing for the Universal Forum of Cultures – Monterrey 2007. This is going to be a huge event, with thousands in attendance. Here is the official website for the event.

In the coming days I’ll probably write a few more of my thoughts about Monterrey, but for now there are some pictures in the gallery.

Next stop – New Orleans and Baton Rouge!

Monterrey, Mexico

One thought on “Monterrey, Mexico

  1. Laura

    I found your website and I think it is great you are showing the Forum to the world!!
    Have you seen the videos? We have uploaded some in youtube.
    For further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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