It’s been a hot summer thus far (yeah, no kidding, it’s Texas for God’s sake).

I have not been motivated to skate very much in the heat. I’d rather not go out and just feel miserable afterward. So I’ve been painting some D&D miniatures. I’m not great at it, but not horrible. One nice thing about being an adult, that’s a change from when I did it as a teenager, is that I an afford the box of paints that has pretty much every color. The paints are nicer now too.

I am playing in a D&D campaign. The monster — I like to just find weird monsters to use as aliens and alien monsters in my Traveller campaign. This is an image of the monster in process. The wizard is finished.

One thought on “Miniatures

  1. Eric Sanders

    Soul sucking heat this year. Love your D&D figures. I once had the full monster set of figures but never attempted to paint them. They’d have ended up like one of Calvin’s model planes-an utter mess.


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