It’s been a hot summer thus far (yeah, no kidding, it’s Texas for God’s sake).

I have not been motivated to skate very much in the heat. I’d rather not go out and just feel miserable afterward. So I’ve been painting some D&D miniatures. I’m not great at it, but not horrible. One nice thing about being an adult, that’s a change from when I did it as a teenager, is that I an afford the box of paints that has pretty much every color. The paints are nicer now too.

I am playing in a D&D campaign. The monster — I like to just find weird monsters to use as aliens and alien monsters in my Traveller campaign. This is an image of the monster in process. The wizard is finished.

1 thought on “Miniatures

  1. Eric Sanders

    Soul sucking heat this year. Love your D&D figures. I once had the full monster set of figures but never attempted to paint them. They’d have ended up like one of Calvin’s model planes-an utter mess.


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