Well, today is election day for the mid-terms. Beto O’Rourke has been running a punk rock style campaign – grass roots stuff. Ted Cruz has been, well, Ted Cruz, which is to say an arrogant asshole, but is that a surprise? Not really. Apparently a lot of people are cool with that.

Firmly into middle-age, I can’t say I have any real insight into the psyche of the electorate. Are we simply seeing the result of the culture wars that in my mind started in the 1980s (but probably started a lot earlier)? Is the internet to blame for giving voice to all the dark and angry bile just barely under the surface?

I don’t know. I just want everyone to have a roof over their heads, food to eat, healthcare when they need it, and the ability to live openly as who they are and participate equally and without fear in this society. That doesn’t seem like a lot to ask. Those all seem like the basic shit to me.


3 thoughts on “Mid-Terms

  1. Mike Moore

    Educate our children, keep our planet alive, be tolerant and understanding of those around us. How can any of those be bad things? It amazes & saddens me to hear what I hear from the mouths of my neighbors…the anger, hate, and unfounded fear. Things didn’t work out exactly like I’d hoped for, but at least with the swing in the house hopefully some checks and balances have been restored.

    I have hope the light will be brighter after this darkness.

  2. TL

    While I was disappointed Beto fell short of his goal–only 2 points–I am more than buoyed by the new crop of Democratic women in the House and the Senate. They are bringing it. Bringing it strong. AOC is changing the discourse. She’s having an effect and the Right is scared of her. It gives me a sliver of hope after what seems like 200 years of this crap administration.


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