Media-free weekend

Yesterday (Friday, at about 6pm, I started a weekend long social media and news media blackout. I need a break from everything. Going to skate, write, read, and relax, and not worry about things I can’t do anything about. So pretty much what I should be doing anyway.

I’ll post some stuff on Instagram though. Not much there to upset me.

4 thoughts on “Media-free weekend

  1. Mike Moore

    Just messing with ya homey. I enjoy living in my cave away from the world. I’m a bit bi-polar in that I both crave and am repulsed by attention. I want to be social, yet the whole social media landscape is splattered in b.s.

  2. Eric Sanders

    Breaks are good to do as i type this on that wacky computer. Enjoy the relax, read old sci fi, write a new role play game, listen to Sinatra, smile while skating.


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