Kinda missing this…

I’ve had a good time riding in Pandemic Parking lot the last 19 months (or whatever). Just relaxing, “feeling the flow” as they say. I was looking at my seldom-looked-at Flickr account this morning. Yes, I still keep my “Pro” account there.  I have a lot of good images stored there.

Anyway, looking at some of my longboarding pics today, I was thinking of my friend Eric Sanders, who is all about the flow. Eric, it is so good, isn’t it?

Here’s a picture of me just riding my longboard. Frontside carve. Is there any better feeling in skateboarding? The pure simplicity. But man, if you really dig into this feeling, it is deep. Soul-level deep. I think I need to do this a lot more.

longboard carve

Carving around on a longboard. Click for full size.

2 thoughts on “Kinda missing this…

  1. Eric Sanders

    Nothing better than a carve on a longboard my friend. Be it down a slope, along a bank, or just in a parking lot. It just feels so right and head clearing.


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