Jello for President

I love me some Jello Biafra.

Here is a quote from this interview. Enjoy.

What do you think of a free higher education?

 I think it should a basic human right by law just like the right to healthcare. In many countries that is a human right by law. Here we have all these clowns from both political parties saying that America is so behind in education compared to the Chinese, Dutch, German and Ukrainian but they discourage people from going to school by slapping them with student loans. They don’t see the connection and it amazes me.

Other countries want a healthy workforce, they’re happy to pay to make sure you stay healthy and see a doctor. Other countries want an educated work force they realize that it’s actually better even for greedy businessman if they got educated workers. Not America. So, I think that if the students and their supporters don’t continue to fight the jacking up of fees the fees are just going to go up more and more and more because every time people increase the fees as much as they think they can get away with. That’s the whole right wing corporate way of doing things: draw a line in the dirt and then cross it, draw another one and cross it again and again and again. Because in the long run I suspect that if all the conservatives wet dreams came true in Canada education would be completely privatize right down the elementary school like they’re trying to do in America. I think this whole mentality that really has been pushed on Americans ever since Reagan got in is that nothing is worth doing unless there’s a profit in it, that we shouldn’t care about community and each other; we should only care about ourselves and that schooling and maintaining the roads or whatever is not worth doing unless there’s a profit in it and it’s such bullshit. Getting people to see outside of that bubble is getting harder with each passing years.

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