It’s now 2016

First post of the new year.

I spent New Years Eve at home, drinking hot chocolate, watching movies with our cats. My wife was on the road, so the cat’s and I were just three dudes chilling. I did some writing while I watched TV.


Me, doing at Rock ‘n’ Roll, at the Hooka Bank.

On New Years Day I spent some time on reading, then my friend Dale came over and we went street skating. We hit this new little spot – one of those super crappy spots you come to love – and had a great time. It’s a rough little alley, that slopes upward in kind of a pseudo-bank, to a rough and shitty step. We sessioned it for a couple of hours. Fun.

Saturday I wore myself out. Aikido all morning, then skating that night. Sunday night my wife and I went to the new Star Wars movie. It was the second viewing for me, and I decided it was better the second time.

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