iPads are incredible

I was going to say “amazing”, but I’m tired of hearing people say everything is “ameeeeeezing”, so I didn’t.

Anyway, my friend Dale and I took a few pictures while out skating yesterday. I could have taken these on the iPad too, but I didn’t. I don’t like to carry it around skating. I prefer my beat-up old point-n-shoot.

Anyway, I put a few images on the iPad to play with, using only the built-in editing functions already available on the device. I’m certainly no artist or photographer, but it is very cool what you can do creatively with an iPad. Audio, video, images. You can really do a lot.

Anyway, here are two originals and the cropped/edited/tweeked images I created with them. Lots of fun.

IMG_1365 2016-02-14 15.01.44


2016-02-14 14.55.04-1

File Feb 14, 5 45 12 PM

4 thoughts on “iPads are incredible

  1. Mike Moore

    A couple of things….
    1) “Amazing” is far better than EPIC!

    2) Don’t sell yourself short. Not a photographer or artist? Maybe not “trained”, but you most certainly have an eye. The cool thing about technology these days is that it makes good things possible. It is still very much a “shit in, shit out” state of being…but if you know what you wanna see…there’s ways of getting there simply. Is it Louvre quality? Not so much, but you still are able to effectively and aesthetically communicate your vision. Pretty fucking cool I think.

    Don’t get me wrong, this is no hyper-positive warm and snuggy fest to all the “Etsy artitsts” of the world…again…shit in, shit out. You have the technology at your finger tips to make the world a little cooler…or make me wanna throw up shredded fiberglass. With great power comes great responsibility.

    Deadpool with my groms Sunday.

    1. Mike Moore

      All that being said…take a look at a program from Alien Skin called Exposure. It’s been around awhile, the first thing it did was digitally emulate old analog film stock/processes. It has grown to the point that it is a moderately priced Photoshop killer. It is very much a photo editor, not a digital creation station. But as a photo editor…it’s fucking killer.

  2. Mike Moore

    Intrigued with this…the frontside rock pick of your buddy…try the same thing you did with the editing, but crop it to catch the knee…that’s where the drama is. The telephone pole sucks and could be removed were one so inclined, but I’m a fan of at least moderately scripted reality

  3. bibliosk8er

    Yes, the pole isn’t great. I need to think a bit more about stuff like that. Still, I love all the shitty urban wires and shittiness, how fucking rough everything it. Not a smooth skatepark. That’s the kind of curb where every time you do a rock, you can feel your board getting torn up. Crazy thing is — that’s a normal backside rock. Dale just style ’em out.


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