In the DC area

OK, I flew into the DC/Arlington area this morning. Checked in to the hotel (the fabulous Hampton in which seems to have a screaming broadband connection), and my old college roommate came over. We went to the International Spy Museum. It was way cool. Ring-guns, rectal capsules for hiding cyanide pills, lock picking, and various other forms of skullduggery — lots of fun.

Rode up there on the Metro. Very cool subway train system. The stations look like something from Logan’s Run meets Escape from the Planet of the Apes (the one with the underground mutants).

Afterward we ate at a beer and burger place across the street from the museum – Gordon Beircsch Brewery Restaurant. Good Burger. German-ish beer. Good time hanging with MB.

Now I’m back at the Hampton, getting ready to chill and read. Get some rest of a day of conferencing. The schedule looks really good. Hopefully there’ll be some tours set up. If not I’ll try to take on anyway.


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