Ice Storm Apocalypse Armageddon

Today, and probably all weekend, the Dallas area is currently being victimized by an ice storm. We get these things from time to time. But regardless the duration of this event, what matters most is that today I didn’t have to go to work. That’s right. An “ice day”. Day off. No work. No trabajo.

Alternative Tentacles commemorative board. A wall-hanger for sure.

Alternative Tentacles commemorative board. A wall-hanger for sure.

We knew it was coming. For a few days the TV weather people have had massive ice boners raging as they prognosticated the impending icy doom. I left work early yesterday to go by the grocery store before the great unwashed masses had picked the shelves clean. I’d like to not apologize to the stupid people who took their little kids to the grocery store on a super busy end-times chaos day and let the little buggers get in my way while I was just trying get to the back of the store for some bacon and eggs. Keep them at home in those circumstances. A little closer to the edge of disaster, and those kids would have been killed and eaten by panicking humanoids.

Anyway, I got back home in one piece and got my chill on. Went to bed. Woke up about 5am, looked out the window, and sure as hell they were right. The yard was glazed over with layer of sleet, freezing rain, and other forms of frozen water. I went back to sleep. We got up an hour or two later, checked email, and confirmed that my employer was shutting down for the day. Kick ass.

Well, sort of kick ass. Can’t skate. Can’t really go anywhere too much.

So, what did I do?

  • Made some noise with my electronic musical instruments for a while. Fun.
  • Finished reading Zombie Spaceship Wasteland, the great book by comedian Patton Oswalt. If you don’t know of his work in stand-up, correct that situation by watching his shows on Netflix or other streaming service. Then read this book. Very funny.
  • Started reading I Drink for a Reason, but comedian David Cross.
  • Took nap.
  • Started writing this blog post.
  • Received my Alternative Tentacles skateboard deck, with art by Shepard Fairey. This one is a wall-hanger. Bought it for the art. I love AT and Jello Biafra, and the board looks killer.
  • Did not shower. No need. I’m not ashamed to admit it. May not shower tomorrow either. In fact, may not shower ever again.
  • Fiddle around with electronic music a bit more.
  • Watched the movie “Argo” and ate popcorn. While it was an entertaining movie, my wife (a historian) tells me that all of the “action” elements put into the film to get bovine Americans to go see it — well — none of that shit actually happened. In particular, the stuff at the end when the Iranians are chasing the airliner down the runway in police cars and shit — that never happened. That was all just bullshit. Had they put Iranian Ninjas leaping up into the plane’s wheel wells and then bursting up into the passenger cabin with scimitars, the film would have been just as fake. Apparently this thing won an Oscar. How retarded.

Overall, bearing in mind that it is cold as shit and I can’t go skate, it was a pretty good day.

More tomorrow.


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