I Survived

Survived my first aikido practice since the start of the pandemic.

Felt good. I was not in as horrible condition as I feared. I’ve been having a nagging shoulder muscle pain and a weird muscular or ligament problem in my inner hip area for a few months. Nothing horrible, but just annoying. I think the hip thing is probably the result of a skateboarding slam I took when I was 21.  Things got stretched out real bad but no breaks. I think it probably healed up with some scarring, and now at 56 the bill has come due. Aikido has been keeping it from flaring up all these years. One practice and it is better.

I’m not going to jump to any conclusions, but I think I just need to keep up my practice to keep this stuff from being an issue. Clearly I am not the kind of person that is going to do the things outside of practice to keep things good. I am not really a fan of “exercise.” Exercise is just a side effect of the things I like to do. So there you go.


4 thoughts on “I Survived

  1. Eric Sanders

    Glad it went well. The inner hip thing sounds similar to my IT band being over tightened. Have a good sunday.

  2. Mike Moore

    “I am not really a fan of “exercise.” Exercise is just a side effect of the things I like to do.”

    A-FUCKING-MEN! Go “work out”? Pass. Get a killer workout from riding my bike over stupid terrain, or skating again? Yes please. I’ll take all the bonuses from “playing” that are being offered. Thank you.

    Glad it went well homey. I have hip sympathy.

      1. Mike Moore

        Yep. I’m witcha. Exercise as a by-product of fun having is awesome. Paying $ a month to go to a gym, or running when nothing is chasing you or violent diarrhea isn’t involved seems like a complete waste of time.


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