Henry on the Election

As my millions of readers know, I am a fan of Mr. Henry Rollins. Like anyone in the public eye, he stumbles from time to time, but overall I think he gets things about right.

So I enjoyed his LA Weekly article published today.

Right now I have some friends who are all up-in-arms about President Obama’s upcoming immigration policy announcement. “It’s unconstitutional!” “It’s Tyranny!!!!” Sorry — needs all caps. “IT’S TYRANNY!!!!!!” Sorry — needs red too. “ITS TYRANNY!!!!!!”

There. That’s better.

Not sure how the decision to not deport otherwise law-abiding hard working people is tyranny, but I guess I’m just not very smart.

So here’s my take on this. If the President is indeed violating the law, overstepping his constitutional authority, or whatever, the Republicans can and should impeach him and successfully remove him from office. If, on the other hand, he isn’t, and they don’t impeach him or the court says they are full of shit and sides with the President, then the Rs can and should eat themselves a big family-sized can of Shut The Hell Up stew.

However, here’s my prediction. Keep in mind, I am not a professional pundit. I’m just another crazy guy on the interwebs with a blog. Hell, I’m not even mad or upset while I’m writing this.

The Rs will not impeach him, because they know the President has not committed any impeachable offense in his actions regarding illegal immigration and deportation. They will not impeach him. Instead, they’ll continue to rant about how power-mad he is, and how he ignores the constitution.

If they do find the gonads to impeach President Obama, I will of course change this post and take the appropriate measures to ensure that Google and Bing cache the updated (corrected) version.


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