Freestyle Research

I’ve been spending a lot of evening hours reseaching old freestyle articles on the internet. Stuff from all the old mags. Trying to collect and organize all of it.

Found this on Tumblr. Skateboarder, from April 1980?

Matt Barden, M-80 kickflip. Apparently he invented the M-80.

Update: Steve Day, Matt’s former Howell teammate, tells me that Matt did in fact invent the M-80. The “M” is for Matt, and the 80 is because it is a kickflip to 180 kickturn, shortened to M-80, like the firecracker.

3 thoughts on “Freestyle Research

  1. Matthew Barden

    Hello, thanks for sharing this skate tip. I’m Matt Barden and haven’t seen this piece in many years. I’ve since lost my issue in a series of moving from one place to another. Steve Day and I talk regularly and after going through his collection found he doesn’t have that issue either.

    I can still do the M-80 but when I miss it hurts a lot more.

  2. Steve stine

    Hey Matt
    I use to tag along with you guys back in the day. You,your brother and Russ.
    Back when you lived in long beach Ca. off daisy Ave. We use to skate at lafayette elementary school and a 1/4 pipe ramp against a guys garage door across from the school.
    I was probably 9-11 years old


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