Current Fave Podcast List

A list of podcasts I dig, and listen to regularly.

I find it a bit annoying that iTunes includes what are essentially recorded professional radio shows as “podcasts”.  Some of them are really great stuff, but with a few exceptions I like real podcasts – the kind done by individuals that are a bit more DIY. If I want NPR, I’ll tune in NPR. You aren’t likely to hear any music that is the least bit challenging on NPR, but you will on a privately produced podcast by people who love good inventive new music. Some of the comedians are on podcast networks, which is a little on the glitzy side, but they are good.


One thought on “Current Fave Podcast List

  1. Mike Moore

    I’ll try to give some of these a listen. I’m honestly not too into Podcasts, as I have opinionated people yammering at me all day. Music or silence sends my earholes into ecstacy…talking, not so much.


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