Creative Output

This morning I started compiling a partial list of my creative output since 2005.

I say partial because I’m not including every single blog post, image, or other little online thing I’ve done. The guideline is this — if I think it was “significant” or I liked it a lot, it goes on the list.

This will include writing, drawing, video, music, sound, podcasting, and photos/images.

I think I’m doing this to prove that I exist.

This blog doesn’t see a lot of traffic, yet I still write on it constantly. I suppose I don’t really care that much if it is read. I think that means I’m a writer.


3 thoughts on “Creative Output

  1. David Rush

    It kind of sounds like the start of a Twilight Zone episode. I hope it is one with a happy ending, and you don’t end up finding our you are a robot or that you are actually a dream within a dream.


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