Common Criminals

Over the last year I’ve been communicating with two guys who write about skateboarding. It’s been very enjoyable, since I do the same thing.

First dude is Kyle Duval, of the Parking Block Diaries. Kyle writes for the Ride Channel. He is, arguably, the only person who produces quality content there. Five months ago he interviewed me for an article about Skate Zines, since I am co-publisher of Broken Fingers freestyle skateboarding zine. The article was finally released yesterday — here it is. Kyle did a really good job of assembling a number of interviews into a coherent, readable article of significant length. I’m glad to have been a part of it. Thanks, Kyle!

The other guy is David Thornton, of David writes, and also produces a Luchaskate podcast. We’ve been corresponding a bit, and it’s been fun. I while back he published a book called “Common Criminals” – an anthology of skate stories mostly by common skaters. It’s a quick read and enjoyable. I read it on my Kindle, but will get a hard copy for my collection.


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