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Morrissey show

Well, last night we went to see Morrissey, at the Palladium Ballroom in Dallas. I’m including my spouse’s review of the event below.

The opening act, Kristeen Young, was pretty horrible. I don’t like the girl wailing while she bangs on a keyboard thing. She tried to act cute and nervous, which was annoying. For female musicians, gimme Johnette Napolitano of Concrete Blonde, Natalie Merchant, or someone else who isn’t tone deaf. Or someone totally insane, like Wendy O Williams. Or the Screamin’ Sirens.

OK — Morrissey. He still has a great voice and is a great performer, but he should have stuck to his solo material. For me, hearing him do Smiths material, I just found myself wishing it was the Smiths, and I expect everyone else in the place who had any brains was feeling the same way.

So here’s my wife’s review…

I still miss Johnny Marr

Having seen the Smiths when they played the Bronco Bowl in Dallas 21 years ago, I thought I’d give Morrissey’s solo act a try. While not entirely a disappointment, I found myself wondering if I had stumbled into the traveling Vegas version.drummerpeepersMorrissey’s predeliction for female opening acts remains, but I can’t figure out what in the world he was thinking having the caterwauling spawn of Kate Bush and Tori Amos breastfed by Bjork open for him. I hope Kristeen Young feels better soon because she sounded awful. It didn’t help that her Meg White was Mr. Peepers. Someone please throw an apple up on stage and distract the guy. Ms. Young seemed awfully nervous tonight which makes no sense since I could have beat up half the guys there.

After an interminally long set by the St. Louis native, the primarily young-ish crowd was treated to a couple of videos by Bridget Bardot and the New York Dolls (sadly, not together). I hazard to guess if anyone knew just who in the hell David Johannson is. I’m happy to report Morrissey’s James Dean obsession has not waned as the backdrop for the show was the rebel sans cuasa himself. It seems Morrissey is traveling with a full orchestra these day–does he really need 3 guitar players, plus a bassist, drummer, etc.?? While I applaud the musicians for their talent and showmanship, I can’t helped but wax nostalgic at the 3 piece plus frontman band that was the Smiths. Tonight, the only thing missing was the bubble machine. I was also surprised that Morrissey shot his wad so early by opening with The Queen is Dead and the First of the Gang to Die. He did have a good mix of old and newer material, but the show was too short–maybe 90 minutes. Again, hearing the band via a PA isn’t my idea of a good time–too much wall of sound. And jesus christ, the gong has got to go. Also, keep the shirt on. It was like watching an uncle go swimming–creepy!

Jello Biafra at the Granada

Last Wednesday we had the pleasure of hearing Jello Biafra do his spoken-word performance at the Granada Theater, in Dallas (thanks to the Granada for these pics). If you don’t know who he is, click the link above.

We got to the Granada nice and early. Its a great venue, where you can sit down at a table, order some food and drinks, and relax. Yes – I’m officially old. I don’t wanna stand up in a crowd of sweaty humanoids for 3 or 4 hours to hear a speaker or a┬áband. So anyway — killer venue.

OK, since we were there early we needed something to keep us busy, so we played stereotype bingo, seeing who could spot all the great alternative culture stereotypes who walked in. Fat girl with “sexy” shirt and lots of tattoos — Check! Guy with red mohawk? Check! Guy with “the Exploited” shirt? Check! Bowser (from Sha-na-na) lookalike? Check! Doughy gay guy with “ironic” 1980s t-shirt (in this case an Asia t-tshirt) – check! Old guy with new Alternative Tentacles t-shirt – check!

Plainly dressed aging skateboarder trying to hold on to his youth – check! Wait — that’s me! Damn, damn, damn! I too am a stereotype.

Jello entered dressed as Justice Jello, and proceeded to read the riot act. But we were really lucky, since the day before Jerry Falwell died! Imagine the luck of seeing Jello Biafra the day after Jerry Falwell keels over and croaks! Whooooo-haaaaa! So Jello opened his judicial robe, raised his arms and praised the “Lard” that we are finally rid of Falwell.

Jello talked for 3 hours on subjects ranging from the war in Iraq, the insanity and absurdity of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Enron, Bush, the war on terror, etc, etc. The evil that is Dick Cheney. He even worked in Oprah Winfrey, comparing her monthly image on the cover of her magazine to the ego of Kim Jong Il, calling her the “Dear Leader”. bwaaahahahahah! Interesting, funny, and engaging. I can’t imagine doing this for a living. 3 hours is a long time, and he really keeps the energy level high.

But don’t think he only picked on the republicans. He did a great story about getting junk mail from Hillary Clinton, and discussed the various democrats who have voted for horrible legislation like the Patriot Act. We were rolling!

After three hours he took a break and was going to come back and talk about what we can do to combat the insane things going on, but alas we had to go. We needed more than 3 hours sleep that night! Boy, it stinks sometime to be a responsible adult!

Well, if you are interested in punk rock, progressive politics, punk politics, the Green Party, etc., you should check out some of Jello’s spoken-word recordings, available on his record label, Alternative Tentacles, and if you get the chance go see him in person. Its a killer, cool experience.