Car Reading

Today is quite beautiful here in North Texas. Cool and Sunny. Perfect, really. I wish I were 1)not still sick with a cold and 2)out skating. Oh well.

Part of my lunch ritual is usually reading. Over the course of the year I get most of my reading done during my lunch hour, which is why I don’t get a lot read in a year. Lately I’ve been having trouble finding a good place to read. My workplace really has no good place to sit and read. If it did, like the restaurants in the area, it would be full of people talking and babbling about whatever is on their minds. That’s fine — people need that — but it sucks for reading.

Today I took advantage of the nice weather and just sat out in my car for 30 minutes to read. It was perfect. No one talking. Windows down and cool breeze. No internet. No phone. No computer. No distractions. If the weather were like that all the time I’d do that every day.


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