Another longboarding post.

I feel like the death of Brad Edwards as also the death of what I think of as classic longboarding. Gravity was just about the last company to make boards to really rip on. I know they are still around, but since Bream sold the company it just isn’t the same. I can’t think of a single manufacturer of a stretched 40″ – 45″ skateboard. A board you can really ride in a park, ditch, hill, or parking lot.

Clearly if you already have a board, or can find one, you are good for now. I suppose there just isn’t much of a market. A lot of us returned to skating with such boards, but as our skills came back moved to regular sized boards. That’s great, but man, the classic longboard really needs to be available. It has its place.

Anyway, here’s some Brad.

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3 thoughts on “Brad

  1. Eric Sanders

    Brad, Ed Economy, Tatum (he is a bit off but rips), Jessee Parker, and of course Tom Sims. All influenced longboards in their own ways. Not sure why Andrecht has let Gravity become crud. Pool Kings needs to re issue their longboards. By the way that new set up looks rad Bob.

  2. William Ryan

    Great videos, he predates my longboarding experience but I like his all style. The Loaded Tesseract or Moonshine Elixir might fit the bill. Symmetrical tails, some concave, they both ride like large street boards.

  3. Mike Moore

    I had the pleasure to talk to Brad a few times on the phone, and meet him once in person. Seemed to be such a glowing positive dude, made you happy to be standing next to him. Such a fun skater to watch too, so much style. RIP Brad!


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