Boards – who am I?

I set up my Mode single kick tonight. Gonna go back to it, from the double kick. I’ve been trying out different bushings, and still trying to get them tuned the way I like. I’ve also been riding this Fickle custom a lot. It’s really for bank skating, but if feels really great for footwork. I feel like I move better on it, but really, it doesn’t work that well for a lot of freestyle tricks. But damn – it sure does feel good. If I had a signature model, I think it would be this board.

Anyway, been planning a run for Paderborn. Trying to keep in mind who I actually am and how I skate, and not try to be someone else.

2 thoughts on “Boards – who am I?

  1. Eric sanders

    Changing up different boards/set ups is good for adapting and avoiding the same old staleness. On the bushing front take a look at Riptide in their regular kingpin bushings. They have this formula which is just two turns of the kingpin nut and that is as tight as they go. No more mush out bushings. Keep the wheels spinning.


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