Birthday Skate

Today was my birthday. Well, it was 57 years ago. I guess today is the day we celebrate my birthday. Anyway, I had a good day. Only three more years until the next scheduled colonoscopy, so I got that going for me.

As always I taped a few clips. I am still in my Pandemic Style mode. Parking lot with lots of little chunks of crap in it from recent work? Check. Gorgeous Texas sky with church steeple of the church were I got married in the background? Check. Sound of freeway? Check.

I have been listening to the Police a lot lately. Got album 1 on LP a couple of weeks ago with free MP3 download. I have album 3 on LP already, from 1982? Still sounds great. Waiting on album 2 in the mail. I had 1 and 2 on shitty cassette tape when I was in highschool. Those first 3 are genius. Not a massive fan of their work after that, though were were some great songs so I’ll probably procure those as well.  The music in these videos, amazingly, is from my big red blue tooth speaker. It is pretty incredible.

Anyway, here are some shots of me rolling around.

2 thoughts on “Birthday Skate

  1. Eric Sanders

    That sounds like a good over all birthday to me. I spotted lots of tree droppings which can bum out a good skate time. The old tired and true shoe sweep will fix their wagon of chaos.

  2. M

    Looking good as always Brudda Bob! Happy 57! Hope Toni took you to a crappy restaurant and had disgruntled underpaid employees sing some weird house version of a birthday song and hand you a freezer burned cake with a limp sparkler in it! Or something else cool.
    We called em The Pigs in High School…cause we were edgy. Dug em.


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