Another good thing about Aikido

This week I went and practiced some flatland freestyle skateboarding for the first time in about 6 months. I skated great. Hadn’t lost anything. In fact, I skated better, and required practically no warm-up.

I credit 6 months of Aikido practice. The art has made me stronger, more agile, more flexible, and just improved my condition in general.

I’ve not been able to practice as much due to a sore knee, but that seems to be getting better. Last Saturday we did practice with the wooden sword. It was fun and fascinating, and started to reveal just how much of Aikido is based on swordsmanship. Very cool.

One thought on “Another good thing about Aikido

  1. Uchi Deshi

    Whenever I have a question about how to do a technique, at least half the time the instruction I get is “like you’re holding/raising a sword.” Oh yeah. I forgot.


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