An old longboarding video study


longboard turn imageI’m posting an old video I made last year.  I was experimenting with different angles with which to take some longboarding shots. I recently got a new longboard to review, which I’m going to compare to the setup in this little vid.  The board in this is a Fibreflex Funshape, with Randal-II 180mm trucks and 66mm 82a Gravity Street-G wheels. Its a fun board for surf style carving and board walking. It’s also very light for such a long board.

 The music in the vid is the Wedding Present. Sorry about the sound quality. I don’t have a good audio codec. Soon I’ll be upgrading my video editing system, so I’ll do some better stuff then. The original video file sounds really good, but it is also 36 megs — too big.

Anyway — click my pic to download the QuickTime file…

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