Aikido, running, weight loss, and longboards

It has been a crazy summer. I have been taking some time off from Aikido while my wife is between graduate school semesters. Sometimes when the semester is going, and I’m going to practice, and everything else is going on, we don’t get to spend as much time together as we’d like.

A few months ago I began gaining weight, as a result of overeating, as a response to a family illness we’re all dealing with. So I’ve been taking this time to just work on my cardio, lose some pounds, and try to just get myself together. I don’t really believe in doing super rapid weight loss. I don’t think it is good for you. But over the last 3 weeks I’ve gone from 215 lbs. to 207 lbs. Not too bad. I’ve cut out all non-diet soft drinks, all fast food, and pretty much all sweets and pastries. At the same time, I’ve been doing some jogging/walking on the treadmill during lunch, or on the sidewalk in the evening. Just tired of being a fat turd. So I’ll keep going and see what I can do.

Aikido will be much easier on my knees if I’m down to 190 or 180, which I can do for sure. Add in some nice cycling in the evenings and some bike commuting, and I’ll be burning some calories and building some muscle.

Also during this time between semesters, we’ve been painting the interior of our house. I’ll post some pics on when we’re done. And finally, been doing some travelling, mostly back and forth to Houston to visit family.

Trying to get out and skateboard a bit. I’m mostly interested in downhill skating right now. For several years I ran a site called with a friend. Well, I’m bringing it back as a wordpress blog: .

That’s all for now. Just looking forward to getting back to aikido. I don’t like being out for a long time, but there have just been other priorities lately.

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