Aikido demonstration

Yesterday our dojo (Aikido of Plano) and Aikido of Dallas did an Aikido demonstration at the annual  Japanese Fall Festival (Aki Matsuri).  We started by showing the way a typical class is run, which allowed me and some of the other newer students to participate. We ran through 3 techniques. I was happy to find that I didn’t completely screw up. The mats were a little hard to move on, as they’d been heating up in the sun and were kind of sticky. But I think we did a good job.

After the “class” demonstration, some of the senior students had the chance to demonstrate some more advanced techniques. It is always great to see the really good Aikidoists practicing. Very smooth and powerful with dynamic throws. I shot a few pics for the gallery — click the image below of this very dynamic hip-throw to go to the gallery.


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