Some Skateboard Stuff I Like

Some skateboard stuff I like. I used to be a Gravity longboards and Randal trucks guy, but since the companies have been sold I don’t really have any kind of longboarding company loyalty (other than ABEC-11 and Retro wheels, which rule). I’m listing stuff here that I own and use (well, I haven’t used the Moonshine deck, but they deserve props).

Mode Skateboards – maker of freestyle boards and really good FS wheels.
Moonshine Skateboards – vert board company that fully supports freestyle.
Cockfight Skateboards – Texas based company that makes good vert, ditch, and street boards. Good dudes.
Bones Wheels – yeah – not the “little guy”, but they make Bones STF, which I really like. For my way of skating street and ditches, they work quite well. I’ve found them to be exceptionally long lasting as well.
Tracker Trucks – they make the Fultrack- best freestyle truck around, forever.
Khiro Bushings – really good bushings
Reflex Bushings – from ABEC 11. More good bushings.
Ace Trucks – good trucks with good quality control.
Frank Pocellis Laminates – this guy laminates his own blanks before he cuts the boards. Really good stuff too!
OJ Wheels – though Bones STF is my go-to wheel, I have found the pro signature OJ wheels to be quite good. It is my understanding that they are poured here in the US, but some of their price point stuff is not. Anyway, good wheels.


3 thoughts on “Some Skateboard Stuff I Like

  1. Paul Neumann

    I’ve got a lot of Trackers but I don’t like them. I’ve got some Aces too, but I have no opinion about them. I’ve got a lot of Indy’s and they just always feel right. Love all things Chaput. I’ve got a lot of that. Gonna mix and match some color SPF’s shortly and kick it all the way back to 1979. Cockfight and Mode and Gravity are my main drivers.

    You forgot Factory 13.

    But my favorite skateboard thing is Bob.

    1. admin Post author

      I like Tracker for freestyle. Prefer Indys or Ace for everything else. I like the Indy’s that I’ve got – but feel like you have to pick ’em out in person or you’ll get a set that doesn’t really match up or has some other problem.

  2. Mike Moore

    I have a Political opposition to Indy. It’s pretty stupid. I started on Trackers, cause Bennetts and ACS looked like garbage. Indy wasn’t there yet. All my favorite pros from back in the day skated Tracker…I wasn’t yet hip enough to understand the ins and outs of sponsorship. After I dropped out and came back, I developed a relationship with Buddy from Tracker…so Tracker stayed in the line up. When he left, I didn’t care. All things considered…when I skate, I suck, so it doesn’t really matter…but I really do like Ace.

    Decks? I like F13 and Deckcrafters. May seem odd, but I’m anti-graphic on decks…unless someone is paying me to do them. I SUPER hate surf graphics on skateboards.

    Wheels? Abec stuff, Landsharks, Speedlab now that Shitty doesn’t own it.

    I also wear boxer briefs, like brush pens, and prefer the Mac OS (simply because it’s what I’m used to)

    Oh…and Paul…The Replacements were the greatest drunk as hell band ever! Their version of Black Diamond is an all time fave.


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