1-footed 900 spin


Here’s another video clip I recovered – a 1-footed 900 spin on a 42″ longboard (Gravity Mini-Carve). This is one I shot during the months I was unemployed in the summer of 2002. It was hot outside! Most leisurely three months of my adult life. I think I’m going to set that board up again soon and tape some tricks. Maybe a 4 1/2 spin.

I can do quite a few one-footed 360s on a shortboard. My personal record, which is NOTHING compared to the really good guys, is 15. The longboard actually spins really well once you get going, but it is difficult to find the sweet spot where your ankle can keep the weight of the heavier board under control. Plus the wedge risers, used to improve the turning for the longboard, tend to make the rear truck less stable for spinning.

Anyhooooo, for those inclined to be interested in such things, the Mini-Carve was set up with Gravity wedge risers, Indy 136, and 66mm Gravity Street-G 85a wheels.

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