Main Riders

Two pretty much “stock” setups that rip.

These are the two longboards I tend to ride the most, my Gravity Kalai and Gravity 42″ Spoon. Both are now discontinued models. What a shame. The longboarding world simply wasn’t smart enough to recognize how great these two decks were.

Both boards are laminates of bamboo and maple. Both kick ass. I have 2 other drop-through downhill boards, and the Kalai is simply a better board for carving. You can still get the Gravity Makai, which is the same deck except all maple (no bamboo). The Spoon, with its kicktail, is a fantastic all-around board. Long enough for great stability, it can take many different truck/wheel combinations.  You can ride it anywhere. I think it’s a shame that more skaters don’t appreciate a longboard with a traditional skateboard shape and a functional kicktail.

The truth, I think, is that most skaters of longboards would be much better served by riding a board like the spoon – a traditional shape with a kicktail. Granted, you really can’t run some of the giant wheels available today on such a board without lots of riser pads, but you can easily run 65mm – 70mm wheels on them. For most skating that more than sufficient.

2 thoughts on “Main Riders

  1. Can’t fight evolution. Gr8 lil article Bob. People might wanna know that, although the SpoonNose 42 is out, the SN45 is still in production. I dig em both & keep a SN45 in my car at all times. And I agree that a tail adds function that can’t be discounted.

    1. Thank for the support and input, Brad. Yeah, I plan to get the SN45. Need to save up a few $$, though Kevin is usually really good to me on the orders. I’m thinking about weeding my quiver a bit, actually. I love all my boards, but I’m a bit heavy on the drop-through boards. I love them, but I really only ride the Kalai. Having the rest is sort of stupid. I have this badass speedboard, but the truth is I will probably never go that fast. That’s not my thing.

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