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Christmas Podcast

Just a few sounds grabbed from the interwebs. Some stuff from the old Rudolph animated special, and ending with Cher — all with a little echo and reverb.

I originally had much grander plans for this years Christmas podcast, but just ran out of time. Oh well, maybe next year. This has been a strange Christmas, but I am glad for my friends and my extended family, especially my sisters-in-law and their families.

I hope everyone has an excellent Christmas. Peace.

Podcast #7

Sound collage/noise/weird stuff.

Photo Sep 28, 12 01 58 PM1. Nuclear Alert. Sampled nuclear alert message with samples from my Arturia Microbrute, Korg Monotron Delay, and software instruments/effects from Ableton live, played using Ableton and the Akai Professional APC Key 25 Ableton Performance Controller with Keyboard .

2. Starting at 4:03, my favorite ugly noise band, Wolf Eyes, with a short but heavy noise track called Lake of Roaches.

3. 5:59 — World famous sleep talker Dion McGregor’s track “the Diet”, with some creepy synthy sounds to add to the dreaminess. Can’t remember where I got the McGregor track. The synth stuff is from Ableton, with several effects stacked on it. All performed in one take on the Akai APC Key 25.



Podcast #6

This episode is devoted to electronic noise music.

First up – from the soundtrack to the 1956 film Forbidden Planet, the track Battle With The Invisible Monster.

Next – from electronic audio artist Mike Kana, the track Hauptbahnhof.

And finally, from my genius friend Micah Why, Headroom Eyez.

Thanks to Mike and Micah for letting my include their work.

Podcast #5

image_previewHere’s another short music podcast.

This episode features the work of Ryan Fitzpatrick and Philo Drummond. I am linking to both of their accounts below.

Philo does these cool sound collage things, using sampled beats and sound clips from TV and film. He’s also one of the head Overmen at the Church of the Subgenius.

Ryan is an English skateboarder and musician. He’s a talented bass player who is very good with computer music making. So here’s the playlist…

Philo Drummond– Quit Your Job

Ryan Fitzpatrick – Kid Methusaelah – Boo’ya Moon. Very cool chill track.

Philo Drummond – Frop Machine

As usual, the background audio while I’m speaking is my own noise/sample stuff.

Podcast #4 – some music

A few songs by skateboarders and people like skateboarders…

A couple of electronic beat type things first, by some young fellers, then some noisy good bass-drums-guitar by some old fellers.

1)Winter Elsewhere – by Unknown Doan
2)Dark Singularity – by DJ Pure Logic
3)By the Pricking of My Thumbs – by Errors of Metabolism


Podcast Episode 3: Englishmen in Texas – Abrook and Weller

Thanks for checking out the 3rd episode of the Concrete Lunch Podcast.

In Numero Tres, I begin with an interview I did about a year ago with Greg Stubbs, at the no-longer-permission pool Electric Larry Land.

Then we move on to a longer interview with English transplants to the Dallas skateboarding scene, Tracy Weller and Mark Abrook.

Tracy is sponsored by and has a model on Entropy Skateboards. Mark has his own brewing company, Abrook Ales.

A big thanks to both guys from coming over and sitting down with me!

Music in the episode:

Intro – Don’t Worry, He Was Going to Die Anyway, by Deep Snapper
Clip going into Weller/Abrook Interview — the Sex Pistols – Anarchy in the UK
Outro – Whiskey and Pliers – Deep Snapper

You can subscribe to this podcast via iTunes at

If you use some other pod-catching software, the Podcast feed URL is:

Lunch in Ten #1 (Podcast Ep. 2)

In this first episode of the short version of the podcast, I start the tradition of sharing music made by skateboarders, friends of skateboarders, and other cool people by playing the music of Yam, of Dallas Texas.

Yam can be located at, as well as . Songs played in this podcast are Billy Jack, from their CD Formerly High Horse, and 101 New Uses for Automatic Weapons, also from that album.

Between songs I talk about my frustrations with modern cable television/HULU/streaming/bullshit as it relates to my nerd needs. Don’t worry – not too much of this — it’s a short podcast.

Coming up next in the long version: Interview with Tracy Weller and Mark Abrook. Then later this month I interview Texas skateboarding legend Lou Statman, so be on the lookout for that too. In between look for another music episode.

Podcast Episode 1: a Conversation with Dana Buck

In this first episode mega-extravaganza (almost 1.5 hours), I interview and hang with legendary Texas skateboarder Dana Buck ( he wasn’t born here, but he got here as fast as he could).

From his early days as an army brat, to teen years in Mississippi, to his years in Dallas at Freeflight Skatepark and later the Clown/Blue Ramp, Dana’s history is rich with stories and fun. We recorded this episode at the Trade Winds Social Club in Oak Cliff, near the Bishop Arts District.

And of course, any entry about Dana wouldn’t be complete without a link to Conspiracy Skateboards.

I’m working on getting the podcast into the iTunes podcast directory, but for now you can subscribe to it with your iTunes app or any other podcatcher app using this feed address:

Music for this episode is from the band Yam, of Dallas, TX. Songs are “Responsible Person” and “The Man Who Invented Syphilis”.

To really download the MP3 file, right click and hit “save link”, or on a Mac CTRL-Click and you’ll see the option.

freeflight skatepark

Freeflight Skatepark, in the last 1970s, Dallas TX.