Weighing in on something stupid

OK, I after watching the spectacle of Paula Deen unfold for a week or two, I feel compelled to comment on it. Sorry, but I’m being moved by a force greater than my own will to do this, because, well…here we go…

First, let me say Paula Deen is largely off my radar, and always has been. I barely know who she is. It is my understanding that she is a TV personality known for her “southern” mannerisms and way of speaking, who specializes in cooking various artery-blocking, liver-killing, colon-clogging, lethargy-inducing foods.

OK, I’m good with that. I don’t support it, but hell, she didn’t invent shitty food. She just jumped on the gravy train of gravy and is riding it all the way to the dialysis center. It’s all good.

I wish Ms. Deen no ill will. I don’t know her. I’m sure she would do a fine job catering your child’s “first gun” celebration.

Apparently a couple of weeks ago Ms. (or is that Mrs. or Miss) Dean admitted to using racist language and essentially running what most modern Americans might consider to be a “hostile” work environment. Her use of the “N” word seems to have gotten the most attention.

All of this resulted in termination of Paula’s TV show (I think she lost the show, but don’t really care enough to verify) and loss of some of her business partners (like Walmart). Yes, apparently non-whites also shop at Walmart, and the retail monster came to the incredible conclusion that they may not want to do business with a public person who has pissed off a lot of their clientele. How shocking!

Now for an unexpected change in the direction of this article. Surprise — I’m not really going to discuss Paula.

I have been very amused, whilst simultaneously annoyed and disgusted, by the reactions of many white people to this situation. Especially white southerners. For you see, I am a white southerner, born and bred. Hell, I still have paper mill smoke in my lungs I’m trying to cough out.

Comments I have read on the internets from such beings include the usual “Well they say it, so why can’t we?” Or “What a double standard. Black comedians and rappers use that word, so what is wrong with Paula using it?” The list goes on, but they are pretty much all like that.

Really? Do you folks really not understand it? Are you really that stupid, white people? Don’t answer that question. I know that some of you are, but most of you are just stubbornly clinging to the racism you were taught as part of your life in the South. Remember, I grew up here too, and I am intimately familiar with this kind of “I don’t understand why…” act.

I grew up hearing this kind of southern bullshit. Is it really your greatest Rebel Aspiration to be able to use the N-word whenever you see fit?

If it is, then all I can say is this: That’s really weak.

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