Tricks to Learn: #1

This is the first in a series of posts I’ll probably abandon after I do a couple and forget about the series. In this series, I will list a few skateboard tricks in each post that I am working on. Might be sequences too. You may now know what they are, because I do lots of weird moves that don’t really have names. I suspect that Tony Gale might figure them out. Anyway, here we go.

Today – bank skating moves. I love bank skating. I’m partial to big, flat banks, where I can spin and slide and whatnot.

  1. Backside carving Walk Around to fakie
  2. Frontside carving Turn-In to fakie
  3. Frontside slide to fakie to 1-footed fakie 360
  4. Carving backside 180 slide into backside 540 spin

That’s it. Hoping to get out to the little ditch I skate and try these today.

4 thoughts on “Tricks to Learn: #1

  1. Paul Leonard Neumann

    My boy is becoming well-versed in bank skating these days. It’s cool because he’s really seeing where all this (and his old man) come from. It’s flow, it’s surf, it’s learn to turn, it’s vibe. He’s digging it.

    1. admin Post author

      I love it! So cool. Man, Paul, I know you know this, but I love seeing you and your kids doing things, and I love that your son is skating.

    2. admin Post author

      I used to love the banks at Wizard, especially the big side of that bowl at the end of the snake run. Free Flight had some great banks too, though I only got to go there once.

  2. Eric sanders

    Banks are my love. So many options with them. Carve, kick the tail, slide variations, coffin style, Christie on them (just get the foot back on before rolling back down), goofy inverts, laid backs, small 7″ banks in a gutter, large monster banks in New Mexico, better than a smooth skatepark, banks. Dig on them.


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