Thoughts on all-around boards

Years after I bought it, this 8.8″ wide 15″ wheelbase Cockfight pops still gets the job done. Obviously I have not used it constantly for the last seven years, but I always come back to it. The Ace 55 trucks fit it perfectly. It always feels super stable and while it’s a fairly large board it feels light when you pick it up and when you ride it. I put these 54mm 92a OJ wheels on it today.

This is a pretty good all-around board. It feels right in ditches and at skateparks, I can ride it for parking-lot-style freestyle. If I’m feeling particularly energetic I can do kickflips and 360 shove-its on it. The long wheelbase gives it a real nice flow. It has some inertia. I’m tall enough it frankly looks pretty good when doing footwork.

There is just something nice about being able to grab ONE BOARD when doing skating and feeling like I can do a little bit of everything on it, and feel nice and solid when going a little faster or when at a skatepark.

At great risk to myself of unintentionally joining the Cult of Andy Anderson, I have ordered some 54mm 93a Nano Cubics to try on this board with the slightly narrower Indy 159s.


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4 thoughts on “Thoughts on all-around boards

  1. Eric Sanders

    Glad you have a one for all terrain board. Flashback to late 1970s and most of us had one set up and we used it for everything, though downhill speed would get interesting. At one point had 20 set ups which was nuts. From a Sims Rocco up to a Madrid single tail 40″ and at least 5 Blenders. A one catch all set up is nice and keeps things simple. Stepping from a 45″ down to a 28″ is very strange and your feet get confused.


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