Some people are just assholes

I just finished reading Griftopia, a book about the business criminals and their government book-licks who created the last few economic bubbles/disasters. You know, the ones the taxpayers had to bail the elite out of, and then listen while we were told it was caused by the over-consuming middle class (isn’t consuming what we’re supposed to do) and evil poor black people who had the audacity to buy houses?

Yeah, those.

Anyway, after reading this, and then of course the last book “the Shock Doctrine” by Naomi Klein, I’m about done reading this sort of non-fiction for a while.

Both books were great. In Griftopia, author Matt Taibbi is absolutely hilarious in his slagging of the various business criminal assholes, but that’s all I can take for right now.

However, I recommend you read both books.

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