Some Freestyle

OK, it’s on.

Last night I got started on my official freestyle skateboarding practice regimen.  I got some practice a week or two ago, and did alright, but couldn’t get my fingerflip (rolling, of course. No fun in doing them stationary). Frankly, I didn’t try that hard. I was just coming back from bronchitis, hadn’t done them in months, and just didn’t feel that good. So I made a few half ass attempts, mostly giving up as soon as I bent down to grab the nose.

I was tired as shit last night too, it being after work and all. But I’ve come to understand that even if I’m tired, if I just start skating, eventually I’ll loosen up. The trick is to not get frustrated early. It’s all about knowing yourself. O’Sensei, founder of Aikido, said “True victory is self victory”, and I’ve found this to be true.

So after I’d skated for about 45 minutes I started working on the fingerflip. The went for horrible attempts, to not quite so horrible attempts, to almost got my feet back on the board, to made a shitty one, to remembering how to do it right and making good ones.

I have my 360 shove-it at fast speed down. It’s good. I can throw them and catch them with ease, smoothness, and speed. 2-footed nose wheelies are good, fast, and solid. G-turn always solid. Kickflip solid. Footwork is good. Slide into Big Spin good. Need to work on my 180 caspers, rail flips, and some other things I’m tinkering with.

Overall a good practice session. It is nice to get there feeling a bit worn out and leave feeling energized. Skateboarding does that.

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