Skate Travel Time Again

Well, the time is nigh. Tomorrow I’ll be going to the Philly Freestyle 2015. I’ve been practicing a lot since I got home from Germany in June. I’ve got a few new tricks. New to me, at least. Great lineup of other old guys to skate with in the Masters division.

I’ll get there on Thursday afternoon. Friday afternoon people will start going to the venue to practice. Contest on Saturday.

It will be good to see everyone again.

I’ve come to really enjoy packing my duffel bag full of skate stuff, stuffing my clothing in there too, getting on a plane, and striking out on a skate trip by myself. I find the time on the plane to be good. I enjoy using it to read, write, and just generally reflect. Same with the hotel time before people arrive. It’s a good time to rest, get some nourishment, and write. The laptop/chrombook is my friend in these situations.

Thursday I’ll hit the hotel gym a bit. Same on Friday morning. Will get up, have good breakfast. Chill. Work out lightly. Make sure the body is awake and alert.


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