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sculpture by Nan MartinThese first few meetings of my drawing class have concentrated on gesture drawings. Last night we went down to the gallery, where this exhibit is currently running. The sculpture installations were amazing — like 3-D versions of the gesture drawings we’ve been doing.

So we spent about 45 minutes in the gallery, doing gesture drawings of the hanging sculptures. Afterward I took a few pictures. Really nice stuff. When I get my sketch book back I’ll post a drawing or two from that session.

The paintings in this exhibit were also very interesting. If you are in the area you should check this exhibit out. Here’s the gallery info — it is at the Spring Creek Campus of CCCCD.

2 thoughts on “sculpture installation

  1. Robert Mileham

    They are like unfinished line drawings. It is a pity they aren’t displayed with blank backgrounds or better still hanging like a chandelier in the centre of a large spiral staircase so you can view from many angles. I like the rounded, rather voluptuousness of them. I feel that the treatment of arms make the viewing experience a little frustrating, as if I have to finish it somehow; interesting. Keep up the good drawing!

  2. bibliosk8

    Thanks, Robert.

    What you can’t really tell from these pics is that the figures are sort of deconstructed. For instance, the knee of one figure terminates in a bunch of wires leading down to the floor, which lead to a foot. It is as if the figures have been pulled apart by something. So while they are delicate looking pieces, there is the feeling that something violent has happened to them. They evoke many different feelings.


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