Rock n Roll

This is one of my favorite skate images I’ve ever taken.

I know here are problems with composition. I’m not a “real” photographer. I took this with a Canon Powershot Digital ELPH, a great, dependable, old, battered point n shoot camera I keep in my pocket a lot of times when I go out skating. A little manipulation with the Pixelmator app on my MacBook. I think it looks cool. The tweaking brings out the grunginess and gqarlyness of the spot. To me this is skateboarding.

click for full size

5 thoughts on “Rock n Roll

  1. Brian

    This is one of those timeless shots that combine power and finesse with just the right balance of urban decay. True skateboarding.

    1. Bob Post author

      I just made it so you can click the image and make it big. You can really see the crustiness of the spot.


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