Reading Update

The reading project is going pretty well. About to finish book #8 for the year.

Looking at more recent science fiction, it is nearly impossible to find a good standalone novel. Everything seems to be part of a massive series, or a trilogy of books that are all 600 pages long. There are a few that look good, but I can’t keep a whole bunch of series straight in my mind at the same time. So while some of the older standalone novels are a bit rough around the edges in a lot of ways, I think I’ll stick to them between reading the two series I’ve been working on.

One thought on “Reading Update

  1. Eric Sanders

    I hear you on this. I often see a book in a used store and go that looks good. Only to realize it is book 4 of a 15 book series, so you are trying to figure out what is going on the whole time. Doctor Who books are good since the are more wibbly wobbly as far as any type of series goes.


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