Plans go sideways

My plans for bank skating were ruined yesterday when I got to the little ditch I’ve been skating for 41 years. There was water running from one of the alleys that run on either side running into the ditch. This has never happened before.

This was my first trip to the ditch since they rebuilt the alleys last year. The edge of the alley has been rounded and lowered a bit, so that water now flows right into the ditch, rather than into the street. I suspect that during the summer, given the Texas proclivity for washing cars and watering lawns, it will be very hard to find the ditch dry from here on out.

I must admit that this very much soured my mood.

But that’s life as a skateboarder. Spots come and go. Even long running spots like this one eventually get ruined or outright destroyed. The skateboarder’s mind must be adaptable, and it is.

Here’s a goofy thing I made after leaving the ditch. I didn’t really skate well after the mental assault of my ditch being messed up, but whatever. The mission goes on.

‘Cause I got my own world to live through and uh
And I ain’t gonna copy you

If 6 was 9 from Bob Loftin on Vimeo.

7 thoughts on “Plans go sideways

  1. Mike Moore

    Could layback out of a G-Turn? Maybe my terminology is wrong. Watching the vid just now, I thought it would super stylish and surfy to bend the knees and drop the hand. Such a maneuver might only be possible on an Xbox…certainly not in my reality.

        1. admin Post author

          No one else but Eric and Paul read this blog. I write it to amuse myself and pretend I’m an Influencer. I have a vivid fantasy life.

  2. Eric sanders

    Damn progress. “Oh let’s change this and that so no water gets in the street.” Well dagnabbit Bob needs his ditch of solitude. I am sad your ditch got turned into water diverter. Ditches are made to be skated not so water control device. Maybe in this good ditch becoming a common drainage system you’ll spot a 4 foot bank that was previously unseen.


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