New board

Well, my Mode Pool board has reached the end of it’s useful life and so it has been retired. I have one remaining, but I’m saving it. To my knowledge it is now one of a kind.

I pulled the trucks and wheels from it and put them on this Super-8 deck that I’ve had for a while. It was part of my equipment hoarding during the early days of the pandemic. 8.5 wide”, 14.5″ wheelbase. The Indy 159s fit it perfectly. 54mm Bones STF 99a. The setup feels really good. 1/4″ may not seem that much larger than my 8.25″ Mode pops to a non-skater, but a quarter of an inch is a significant width difference.

5 thoughts on “New board

  1. Eric Sanders

    Nice set up. Yes a 1/4″ does make a difference at times. Just got to get use to it the best way you can. Happy skating my friend.

  2. Paul Neumann

    I loves my 159s. Not sure why yours have a 6 hole pattern. Mine don’t. But a quick check at NHS says that now all 159s and 169s have 6 hole. Seems pointless to me. But I’m kinda into pointless.

    1. Bob Post author

      It is based here in DFW. It seems like over the course of the pandemic maybe they had trouble getting boards, like everyone else. I see that the boards are currently coming from Board Pusher, but I think he has some proper boards on the way. Hard to say what the company status is.


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