My NeverWas 5 Part

OK, we did the video premier the other night, and here’s my part.

I’ve come to really enjoy participating in the this yearly project with the NeverWas Skateboarding Facebook group. It’s a video of normal skaters. Not pros. Just skaters like me and probably you. Some of them can barely skate, but they get out there, and that’s what matters. That’s what it’s about. All good people, and I’d rather see any of them skate than any pro currently out there.

Honestly, after four previous parts I had trouble thinking of new stuff to do, but that was a good challenge for me. It stretched my ability to be creative. I intentionally made a part with no flip tricks, no obstacles, and just a couple of very tiny shove-its. This is all footwork, pivots, and spinning. Sometimes intentionally limited yourself to certain elements brings out a lot of new potential, and that’s what it’s done for me. Lots of ideas for next year, already.

Crazy thing about skateboarding for a long time. I guess I started proper when I was 11. So that’s 46 years of being a skateboarder. I’m not doing a lot of bombastic stuff, but I still think I’m getting better. When I watch videos these videos from the last five years, I’m better than I was 15 years ago. A lot better actually, and the improvement is in the subtle aspects, which gives me a lot of satisfaction and makes me appreciate skateboarding even more.

2 thoughts on “My NeverWas 5 Part

  1. Eric Sanders

    Your part is always a highlight for me. Plus I got to see the other section of your freestyle play land next to the grass area. Always wondered what it was like. Thanks.


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