More thoughts on tech.

I’ve written quite a lot about my Google Chromebook. I’ve had it a few months now and continue to enjoy it. It is light, boots up fast, and works pretty well. I’ve done most of my blogging from the Chromebook, plus a little digital image editing. For evening web-surfing and blogging it is my machine of choice. As I’ve stated before, I don’t really watch movies on it because it’s screen isn’t great and the video card (or whatever it has) isn’t super good for streaming HD movies. But it will do in a pinch for standard definition, and I’ve done that  bit while on trips.

This is the 11-inch Samsung Chromebook, which cost $250. So for that price I of course understand and accept the device’s limitations. It does what I purchased it to do, and not much more, but that is fine.

I have considered buying a Nexus Table too. They have really nice screens and work very well.

However, these devices are lacking in one area very critical to me. Content creation.

Since Google hasn’t developed their own really good video and audio editing apps for the devices, they simply are not up to the challenge of podcasting or video editing. I’ve tried all the apps available for the Chromebook, and they all suck. Sorry, but they do. I’ve searched and read about this issue as it applies to the Nexus tablets, and it appears to be the same there too. They seem to be great for surfing the web, playing game, and watching movies — content consumption — but simply are not equipped for content creation.

So other than replacing my burnt-out Kindle Touch, I think that 2014 will be a year of Zero Technology Acquisition. Unless my 2006 MacBook stops working, I will most likely stick with the tech that I already have. The only item I can see myself buying would be a replacement for that, or a new digital camera should my current one poop out on me.

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