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I’m working on getting the Cure albums on vinyl. I don’t just “collect everything”, and I’m not one of those music collectors who cares a lot about having a particular pressing of an album or whatever. I just want it to sound good. I realize a lot of these newly minted LPs probably come from digital recordings, but hopefully a few I’m getting a few good ones.

Some guys are car guys. They love cars. They’ve always wanted a cool car. I was never that guy. From the time I was in about 5th grade I just wanted a good stereo. That’s it. Other than skateboards and root beer, my stereo is my one indulgence. When I went to college my roommate had a great stereo. Man, that was nice. And when I graduated, my mom and dad got me one, and that’s all I wanted. This is a different stereo (below), but man I love having it.

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