Since starting Aikido, I’ve felt my skateboarding being pulled back in the direction of longboarding. Maybe its the “flow” I get while longboarding, which I can sort of relate to Aikido (based on my very limited experience so far). Maybe its the fact that I don’t want to sprain my wrist anymore — who knows.

Whatever the deal, when it stops raining and the weather is nice, I feel like riding a longboard. I’d like to go longboarding with some friends and shoot some video. Just some simple, flowy stuff.

I think I’m going to also repair/rebuild the tail on my old Acme longboard. I haven’t ever found another board I like as much, and I’ve tried a lot of boards. It is hard to find a 48″ kicktail deck. The best substitute I’ve found is my 45″ Lib Tech, which is a great board. I’m sort of interested in the Fibreflex 44″ kicktail. Looks like it might work too. Might be time to sell some stuff to finance that acquisition.