Libraries and free movies

If you have a public library card, there is a reasonable chance you have free access to Kanopy, which is a streaming video service that a lot of libraries make available, for free, to patrons. It’s kind of like Netflix for smart people. Lots of great films, documentaries, indy stuff, etc.

Last night I was in the mood to watch a science fiction film, so I checked out this little independent film called Prospect. It’s fairly low budget, but well done. Good practical effects. I would classify it as hard SF. Highly recommend it.

2 thoughts on “Libraries and free movies

  1. Eric sanders

    Just went by the small library book store today. It takes some digging but hidden gems can found for 25 cents up to 4.00 dollars.

  2. TL

    Kanopy is a great service! I went on a French New Wave kick a couple of months ago and saw a number of films that have been on my list for years. There are also great documentaries (such as the one on Twisted Sister–who knew) available. I highly recommend!


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