I just read that Exene, former singer for the band X, is a Truther/Conspiracy Nut/Kook.

No, I’m not just gonna pick on Exene.

I think it was better when we didn’t know what kind of lunatics made the music we like. I liked it back when Ted Nugent was just the Motor City Madman. I preferred not knowing that Billy Zoom is kind of an egotistical religious nut. I preferred not knowing that The Rev, from Reverend Horton Heat, is a Fox News type of guy.

Now, when you have someone like Jello Biafra — well — his politics have always been out there for all to see. So if you, like me, became a Jello fan based on his work with the Dead Kennedys, chances are it will not be a bummer for you to find out he is a liberal. You already knew and probably embraced that fact.

There has always been a tendency in the punk rock world for there to be some pretty extreme right wingers in there. I’ve written about his before, but yeah, it still kind of disappoints me. I mostly let it go, since most of those folks made some pretty shitty music. Also, I’m almost 50 and it would be pretty pathetic if it bothered that much.

Anyway —  the ability of artists to communicate directly with fans via social media — not always a good thing. Talented does not necessarily equal smart.

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