Getting all 1999

The internet has become a mass of click-bait bullshit and other crud.

Have you noticed that? Do I need to make a list of the 10 different examples of how the internet sucks now?

I’m sure it is just nostalgia, but man, I feel it is too easy to publish stuff on the web and make it look slick now. Because now, making it look slick is what it’s all about.

That late Bill Hicks lamented that it seems that “shilling” for products, like Doritos, seems to be the highest aspiration of anyone these days. I agree with him, and reject that non-ethic of marketing evil.

So I’m working on a new site that is hand-coded in a text editor, uploaded by FTP, uses Server Side Includes to create the header and footer, has the absolute minimum formatting, and just looks really bare-bones.

This new site will be, of course, about skateboarding. It is to be a back-to-the-basics webpage about back-to-the-basics skating.

It will have no social media tie-in. No “like” buttons. It will have no advertising. It’s videos will not be available on youtube. They will be hosted on my server. (I do have a test youtube video in there right now, but it will be removed).

My only concession to the modern age will be the use of Google Analytics to track my site.

Can a non-linked site that doesn’t participate in social media, accepts no comments, and has only an email address for communication actually get an audience in the age of tumblr, twitter, and facebook? I have no idea. It’s an experiment.

The new site is This is the only link I will ever up up for it, anywhere.



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