Fitness level

After moving into our house, I have spent a couple of weeks just doing odds and ends after work, trying to get everything settled. So I missed about two weeks of Aikido practice. I went back to practice Monday night, and was very pissed that my fitness level had just crumbled after two weeks of inactivity. My Aikido wasn’t really any worse, but the first two techniques just wore my ass out. So I resolved to really start working on my cardio. Aikido is an amazing workout, and skateboarding is good for balance, but neither is good for cardio.

 So I’ve got my bike out and been riding. I have a 1995 Giant ATX 750 mountain bike. Got some “city” tires put on it last year. The bike still works like a charm. Went out to the bike path that goes down to White Rock Lake. Didn’t ride the the loop around the lake, but the path down there is about 6 or 7 miles long. Went yesterday too. So that’s two 13 mile rides. Not bad. Gonna keep working on that on non-Aikido days.

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